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The Gillian Anderson Community

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This community exists in honour of Gillian Leigh Anderson, the English-American actress best known for her role of Dana K. Scully on "The X Files", but also praised for her brilliant performances as troubled period women in the BBC-productions "The House of Mirth" and "Bleak House", in low-budget films like "The Mighty Celt" and "Straightheads" and in the London-based theatre plays "What The Night Is For" and "The Sweetest Swing in Baseball". Here you can discuss her talent, her roles, her beauty, and everything else about her.

general rules

~ All posts must be related to Gillian Anderson in some way, obviously.
~ The community is "members only"- do not edit the security setting after posting.
~ Do not bash, spam, or cause drama. Any kinds of offending behaviour will not be tolerated and lead to banning from the community.
~ Be respectful towards Ms. Anderson, and other members.
~ Posts containing spoilers for any of her work have to be marked with a spoiler-warning and the spoiling material must be placed behind a lj-cut.
~ Please try to tag your entries with the existing tags to make browsing the community easier. New tags can only be created by a maintainer. If you need a new tag, please go here to request it.

posting pictures

~ Do not post pictures larger than 500px in width or height- use thumbnails or lj-cuts/links to go easy on our members' flist's.
~ Paparazzi pictures are allowed as long as none of her family members are on the pictures, especially not her children.
~ When posting fanart (icons, wallpapers and other graphics) only post Gillian Anderson related art directly to the community- multifandom-batches have to be linked to from your own journal.


This community is "members only"- this means you have to join before you can see all of the entries. The joining-process is moderated: your wish to join the community will have to be approved by a maintainer.
Before you join, please carefully read the rules above and the security advice.
If your request to join the community is rejected, it's because of one or several of the following reasons:
~ Your journal is brand-new.
~ Your profile is "blank", meaning there is nothing in your bio and you don't have any interests or friends.
~ Your journal is empty; there are no posts and not even a "friends only"-notice.

All the reasons stated above indicate you might be a troll or spammer, and since we often had trouble with folks like these, we are extremely suspicious. The decision whether or not an applicant is to be trusted is of course subjective, but made according to our best judgement. If you're just new to LiveJournal, get some friends and establish your journal at first- chances are that you will be accepted when you apply again. If you have a friend who already is a member in the community, you can have him/her vouch for you. In this case, or if you have another problem with this policy, comment to this post.

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