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29 July 2008 @ 01:55 am
I'm sorry I haven't been a very good mod during all the XF2 buzz in the past weeks- my excuse is, I have been insanely busy preparing for the London trip of awesome ahead of myself and hundreds of other Philes.

I will catch up on posting pictures, interviews, videos, and other moderating related things once I am back. I know I already promised some changes in my mod-post some...weeks ago (:S)- what can I say, life is busy and exciting and tough, and I am just a girl trying to get by.

Anyway. Those plans are still there, and cruising my brain daily. Feel free to poke me after August 5th, because I feel bad and I love this place.

That being said- the community will have to go into a hiatus from now on until in about a week, because splodge04 and I will hunt down Gillian in London be attending the X-Files festivities.

All posts and membership requests will be taken care of once we're back online.

Sorry again, and I promise to make it up to you.
06 June 2008 @ 07:33 pm

First of all, thank you to everyone who joined and is watching this community! We now have 429 members, which is an awesome number, and I hope the community will grow even more, especially with all the buzz XF2 is generating this year.

Since I took over maintaining it last fall, I've planned a number of things to improve the quality of this community even more- but with many other interests and obligations occupying my time, gillianleigh hasn't been in my focus as much as I wished it to be. I'm planning to change that in the near future- so here's a warning of many more mod-posts to come. ;)

The community will remain members-only, but these mod-posts will be made public, so people stumbling over this place can get an idea of what's going on here.

Membership is still moderated and recently I've got a couple of requests I had to reject due to the reasons stated in the current profile (which has been a WIP for months now...so don't wonder that the links don't work).

These reasons are:

- your journal has been created within the last two months
- your journal is empty (I can see if or how much you post, even if your journal is f-locked)
- your profile is empty (no bio, interest, friends, etc)

A journal like this, that seems to be inactive, is not very trustworthy, and since this community had issues with trolls and other drama, we've implemented this kind of policy, just as xfiles has.

If you are one of these users, who have been rejected, feel free to comment here and explain why your journal has been inactive, and why you would like to join. I don't mean to discriminate new users, everyone starts out at some point, we're just being cautious. Tell me a little bit about your journal, and I'm positive I can give you access.

DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE MEMBERSHIP-REQUESTS, if you don't hear from me immediatedly. I sometimes take my time deciding whether I accept or reject a user, revisiting your profiles and journals multiple times to see if there have been changes made. Trying to get in by applying over and over again will only clutter my inbox, make it harder for me to keep up and annoy me. You don't want an annoyed mod. Just don't do it. You have not gone unnoticed, I will get to you eventually.
24 November 2007 @ 06:59 pm
Hi everybody! :)

I thought it was more than about time for me to take care of this community, considering I haven't done much for it since it's been handed over a few months ago (what can I say, life's a bitch), and soooo... I started to realize some mild changes today.

+ I gave the community a fresh face with a new layout; I used a header nextuesday made and posted here a while ago, because a) I love the look of it, b) it fits the layout's colour scheme and c) it even miraculously exactly met the size-requirements. I hope you like it. :)

+ Since we now have a sidebar, I created some tags, which are supposed to make archive-browsing easier for everyone (for instance if someone is only looking for icons, s/he only has to hit the tag "fanart: icons", instead of wading his/her way through all of the community's posts). Therefore I'd like to ask every posting member to try and tag his/her entries. New tags can only be created by maintainers (which is to prevent having multiple tags meaning the same thing), so if you need a new one, please respond to the tags-request-post I will post later.

+ Which brings me to another point: the community is now "members only" by default. This has several reasons, one of them being trying to make it harder for spammers to spy on the community and its members (and therefore protecting it), and also protecting photo agency-pictures and the members who post them. DO NOT try and change the security setting. This will be the last public entry.

Everyone who is only watching the community, but not a member, should join now if s/he wants to see the entries here in the future!

+ I also changed the user-info to make it match the layout, and update it with these new rules, and so on. It's still missing a nice picture, and I'd like to ask you to suggest pictures for me to use for the user-info in a comment to this post, if you want to. :)

Flames, praises, suggestions go here. ;)
21 November 2007 @ 02:26 am
[001-009]Milo Ventimiglia
[010-025]The X-files(Monday)
[026-072]House M.D(Ugly&Random)
[073-093]Avril Lavigne
[094-102]Rafael Nadal
[+1]Shakira banner
[+1]Milo banner
[+1]Jen Morisson banner
[+6]House M.D banners
[+8]Avril banners
[+9]models/misc banners
[+1]Gossip girl


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12 November 2007 @ 02:17 am

Here at cooloring.
09 November 2007 @ 07:05 pm
[001-043] Bones and Emily Deschanel(Season 1-Season 3)
[044-068]Gilmore Girls and Alexis Bledel(mostly Jess+Rori)
[086-101]The X-files(Memento Mori&Pusher)
[102-127]House M.D(4X04)
[+3]Emily Deschanel user infos
[+1]Bones banner
[+1]Alexis Bledel banner
[+2]X-files banners
[+3]Models banners


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10 October 2007 @ 01:29 pm
Here are some icons I made the other night. I thought these two beautiful ladies deserved their own icon post.

...That, or I'm doing just about everything I can because I'm currently procrastinating. But the former sounded better. ;)

{6 Lisa Edelstein}
{4 Gillian Anderson}

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The rest can be found here.
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30 September 2007 @ 11:08 pm
First time I've made X-Files icons in a long, long time. Actually, first time I've made icons of any fandom in a long, long time. Enjoy!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

32 icons in hereCollapse )

- comment if saving or if you like
- credit sakushachan
- enjoy
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20 September 2007 @ 11:33 pm
{15 - Lisa Edelstein}
{6 - House/Cuddy from "Needle in a Haystack"}
{19 - Gillian Anderson}
{13 - Sophia Bush}
{16 - Alexis Bledel}
{6 - Rory/Jess}
{9 - Pacey/Joey}

Notes: Textless icons aren't bases. Please credit if you take; comments are adored whether you take or not. Enjoy!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The rest can be found here at
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Hey all! I started this meaning to create a Gillian Anderson photo manip using a photoshoot image of Marcia Cross but then I turned it into a wallpaper and included Robert Patrick's image to give it a Doggett/Scully feel (you know since DSR is my favorite pairing on TXF) and this is the result. Enjoy!

And here's an icon to go with it.

- Comment if you're saving the icon/if you like the artwork.
- Do not redistribute.
- Do not hotlink.
- Do not claim that you created the manip/wallpaper.
- Do not archive without permission.
- Enjoy.
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